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Business Summary

RealSource's core competency is successful market selection, which is derived from our robust market research and outputs from our proprietary "Econometric Model." When investing in real estate, buying low and selling high is a matter of knowing where and when. That requires research. Our focus on identifying markets with sound investment fundamentals positions us to invest in the right place at the right time. Since 1989, our team has been safeguarding assets and maximizing value through strategically timed divesting.


RealSource tracks 160 U.S. metros which is the foundation of our opportunistic real estate investment and development strategy that has generated over $950 million in successful shared equity acquisitions since 2002 and over $1 billion with individual investors since 1989.

 Successful Market Selection 

Markets selected from the output of RealSource's Econometric model consistently outperform the nation’s largest tier one markets in the following areas:


1.  Lowest Unemployment:  Tier one markets rarely make the top 45 markets with the lowest unemployment rates. Many RealSource select markets have much lower unemployment rates compared to tier one markets, which generally results in market demand and increased rental rates.


2.  Higher Job Growth:  Job growth in tier one markets is nearly half a rate of markets selected by RealSource.

chart 1.png

3.  Better Overall Employment Distribution:  RealSource markets have a better overall employment distribution than tier one markets.

4.  Higher Cap Rates:  Capital chasing tier one markets has resulted in cap rates that are too low to leave much upside for investors.

5.  Stronger Emerging Markets:  Markets selected from the results of RealSource’s Econometric Model leads to better potential return by identifying strong, emerging U.S. real estate markets.


Since 1989 RealSource has been creating strong relationships with sellers and brokers in the multifamily industry. These relationships consistently present us with opportunities to purchase stabilized multifamily properties in strong locations.  


RealSource is constantly looking for properties to add to our portfolio in strong growth markets in the United States.  Our focus is primarily on properties in the Southeastern United States with an emphasis on Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio​, Kentucky and Tennessee.


Our target acquisitions have a value add component and have strong in place cash on cash yields.  

We search for properties where we can add management efficiencies, enhancement of amenities and value add upgrades through interior and exterior renovations.


Asset Class:  A,B,C

Purchase Price:  $5 - $50 million

Property Age:  1970 and newer

Investment Structure:  All cash to seller.  Loan assumptions considered.

Location:  Strong location within the metro, nearby employment centers, retail centers, and hospitals