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  • Jordan Kerner

Mistakes Don't Mean Failure

Everyone is so afraid of mistakes, but why? Mistakes have led to some of the greatest discoveries for inventions, or even free appetizers.

Did Someone Order The Mistake?

I was out to lunch recently with our team as we were doing some research on competitors in the area. It was a day full of comparison, where are we better and where do we lack and need improvement. As you can imagine, this brought forth many conversations that involved success and failure and black and white statements. Conversations like these are tough for me historically. I operate in a world that is very grey; everything has its context and certainly can’t just be summed up in a blanket statement (most times). The conversations were very positive, though, as we were all striving to figure out how to best beat our competitors as we market our properties.

Then, something happened… A server with the restaurant began bringing our appetizers and setting them out on the table. As the server went to set the last appetizer on the table, we all looked at each other like, “I didn’t order this, did you?” It became clear that it was a mistake on the restaurant; and without missing a beat, the manager sat it down and said, “It’s on us.” After all of the discussions of success, failure, progress, etc., this was a glaring analogy for me that mistakes do not always equal failure. The restaurant made a mistake, and it led to happy consumers and a positive experience; and we even spent more money because of it.

Fail Forward

What does this really mean as you apply it? I’m not making a statement saying we shouldn’t strive for excellence and perfection or set high expectations. You should do all of those things. However, in your space of collaboration, as you take risks, venture in new territories for your business, have confidence to fail and make mistakes along the way. Mistakes do not equal failure. Therefore, dream big, and reach further.

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