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  • Jordan Kerner

Togethered Action

Whatever industry you are in, it is pivotal that your people are moving together in the same direction. Whatever the goal, whatever the mission, if your team each has their own compass and believe that their route is the "right" way, that can cause a lot of issues. A team is a group of individuals that can unite and pursue towards a common goal. Consider what it looks like to have a company modeled on, "Togethered Action"

Team collaborating together

Fulfilling the Mission

You’re a rower competing in a very important event. With the start of the race, you’re off, and things are going well. Incredibly well, in fact. Each person a part of the crew is in perfect unison, creating synchronization in every stroke. There has been so much training, sweat, and effort up to this point and all that is left is the execution. (Let’s be honest, what is really the hard part though?) You have one thing on your mind: fulfilling the mission. Before this journey began you as a group decided on the end goal and mission. Now, months later, a mission is being realized. Except something goes wrong. You’re no longer in unison, but you’re so close to the finish line. You still have just enough time to correct the course if the crew can manage to find the harmony again. But another mistake happens…and another mistake. Before you know it, you fell from first to it doesn’t even matter anymore. You cross the finish-line, you finish, but nowhere near the end goal. The only thing you’ve won is devastation, bitterness, potentially blame, and loss of trust.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Have we been here before? What happened!? Everything was going so well, the end seemed near and the prize in grasp. A member on your team makes a seemingly small mistake, only to be followed by a larger mistake by your counterpart, and then for the grand finale you as the executive made a grand mistake attempting to fix the mess. I think we can all agree, we have definitely been here before. What happened? In times like these I think back to my mom helping me with batting practice when I was younger and learning the basics of hitting. “J, keep your eye on the ball. You’re pulling your head!” This was not unique advice, of course, but I think back to those words so often throughout my decisions in life. “Keep your eye on the ball… Just keep your eye on the ball.” The moment we get too confident and guess, we swing with our eyes no longer on the ball. Isn’t this such a delicate line to walk? On one hand you want to empower your employees to be confident in their decision making and act without fear. However, on the other hand, this tends to lead to more mistakes. Certainly, not on purpose, but they happen. Employees want to live true to that core value, they want to keep small issues of the desk of their Director, and for a moment they take their eyes off the ball. What’s the deeper meaning or purpose in all of this? How can this idea be corrected? It’s all about the mission.The mission can’t just be fancy words dictated by the executives at a retreat in the mountains, though. The mission MUST be collaborated with everyone and be a mission that everyone can identify with. Instead of saying, “Creating profitable business ventures through strategic consulting.” Say, “We exist to profitably enhance the lives of all under our care, through valued strategic partnering.” The second statement sounds so much better, right? We aren’t just helping a company become richer, we are “enhancing…lives”! Nearly everyone in a business environment would say they desire to make other lives better.

Togethered Action = Inspiration

Why is this important? When you have a mission that can be identifiable with your people, it creates a passion purpose, an intense desire to see that mission realized. In other words, people want to do a great job with something they care about. This idea creates a Togethered action, bonding everyone together in unison, delivering the crew across the finish line in harmony.

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