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Investment Strategy

RealSource was established in 1989 with the central focus of putting our investor clients in the right place, at the right time, to help insure their maximum profitability. Putting the investor in the right geographical location in the right economic conditions is the heart of location investing and what we call "Prime Time Investing."


In real estate investing, buying low and selling high is a matter of knowing where and when, and that requires research. In order to place our investments in the right "where and when" circumstances, we track 364 domestic U.S. markets.

Market Timing -

Key to Location

Real estate markets are cyclical and not all are at the same point in their cycle. Thus timing is the key to location selection.


RealSource’s management use a proprietary three-phase market cycle (as opposed to the standard four phase) to do an in depth analysis on all U.S. MSAs. The eliminated phase, equilibrium, does not exist in real estate’s inefficient market system where the industry’s perceptions, rather than empirical data, dictate market conditions. The issue is attributed to the delay in collection and dissemination of empirical data.

The Right Markets  

    at the Right Time

RealSource’s econometric model provides the tools to exploit the inefficient lag time between buyer/seller markets and supply/demand conditions. The model provides the tools to isolate narrow market segments. RealSource seeks out late declining or early absorption phase markets.


Often tertiary and secondary markets offer stronger short-term growth due to typically shorter market cycles (better NPV). Hisorically RealSource has found as its econometric model predicts, that sub tier one markets outperform primary markets.

Experienced Industry Leaders

Our equity team management combined has over 90 years of commercial real estate experience and are industry leaders, locally and regionally in CCIM, and nationally at the NAR Commercial Real Estate division.


Our Primary Investment Vehicle

Multi-Family: Why? Multi-family investments are less volatile due to a more predictable demand and offer less risk as vacancies are far easier to absorb.

Extensive Investment Opportunity Sourcing Network

  • We avoid auctions and other broadly marketed properties.

  • Our off market opportunities are sourced primarily through our extensive broker network developed over two decades.

  • We also invest in distressed properties located by direct lender solicitation through our commercial loan staff.